Romanian Big Data Roadshow: Cluj, Timisoara, Bucharest

colaj big data meetups

3 Romanian communities, more then 700 members, incredible energy and subjects, these are just a few of the ingredients of the Romanian Big Data Roadshow that brings together speakers and members of three dynamic communities that have in common an extremely high interest in Big Data & Data Science.

A bit of a background for the event 

I met (virtually) Alex Sisu and Tudor Lapusan, the organizers for Timisoara and Cluj Big Data meetups, early 2014 and was not long after that we decided we need to organize a Big Data event, given:

– the amount of knowledge but also of interest that exists in Romania on this particular area

– but as well our similar thoughts on keeping such events technology/companies independent as much as possible, in order keep the content genuine and not transform presentations in sales pitches.

To get started and see how our collaboration goes first we started with this roadshow. Follow us on this page (or on the respective pages of the local communities for the detailed agendas, presentations, pictures) and see how the roadshow looks like, but as well stay tuned for what we’re planning next.

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