Hadoop MapReduce and Spark training

With the occasion of completing the Big Data Romanian Tour in Bucharest we planned a light intro and hands-on session for MapReduce and Spark. Together with the trainers – Tudor Lapusan and Andrei Avramescu – we are planning a dynamic and interactive session that is going to go from theory to practice. We have only 4 hours so we will need to be pretty fast – thus we will send in advance some materials to get familiar to. But, the good thing is that at the end of this session you should be able to start your own Hadoop or Spark cluster, pump data into it and start the analysis. Tudor and Andrei will also talk about the differences between Spark and Hadoop MapReduce. We will have a limited number of places available for this training – since we will need to work with everybody on the hands on part of the training – thus, if you are interested, don’t wait up. Register here for the training and tell us your expectations so that we can prepare better in advance. See you all soon & if you have any questions contact us on contact at bigdata.ro or comment this post.

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