Data ingest using Apache NiFi

Data ingest using Apache NiFi

Course date duration: August 8th, 2020, 9:30 – 14:00, 30 min break included
Trainer: Lucian Neghina
Location: Online (using Zoom)
Price: 150 RON (including VAT)
Number of places: 10 3 places left
When you need to design a data solution one of the earliest questions is where your data is coming from and how you will make it available to the solution/solutions that processes/stores the data. Especially since data we might deal with IoT data, thus various sources, and data will be as well processed and stored by several components of your solution. Even more nowadays that we work mainly with streams not with static data such a solution that is able to design and run the flow of events from the source/sources to the processing/storage stage it’s extremely important.  Apache NiFi has been built to automate that data flow from one system to another. Apache NiFi is a data flow management system that comes with a web UI that helps to build data flows in real time. It supports flow-based programming.

You can check out the agenda and register here.

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