Workshops in April: getting started with Python for data science and build your first ML model

We are launching in April two online workshops that should get you started with both Python and Machine Learning in the easiest way. Instead of local installations (in order to have a Python environment like Apache Jupyter) – we will use Google Colab (an online notebook environment that allows writing and executing of Python code). As for Machine Learning library we are going to use scikit-learn – probably the most known and used ML open library. The workshops are build independently so that one can participate to either one or both of them, but in case you want to get started in this field we recommend both getting familiar with Python and the data science libraries and then learning how to build and test and ML model.

More info on the workshops can be found below:

Workshop 1, April 3rd: An Easy Slide into Python for Data Science , trainer Ionut Oprea

Workshop 2, April 17th: Start learning ML with Sklearn and Google Colab , trainer Maria Catana