Analytics with Cassandra and Spark SQL Workshop

For those that learned about Apache Cassandra, you have realized so far that Cassandra it’s a storage and pre-aggregation layer, thus a computational layer should exist in order to complete the queries we would like to run on our data. In this workshop we will look at the analytics that can be done on top of Cassandra with Spark SQL, we will start with similar examples in CQL and Spark SQL and we will evolve into examples that can only be run with Spark SQL.

Trainers: Felix Crisan, Valentina Crisan
When: 18 March
Time: 9:30-14:30
Location: eSolutions Academy, Budişteanu Office Building, strada General Constantin Budişteanu Nr. 28C, etaj 1, Sector 1, Bucureşti.
Number of places: 15   no more places left
Price: 125 RON  including  VAT

There are no more places left for this session, but you can check out the agenda and register here and we’ll keep you informed if places become available.

Spark Intro and Machine Learning workshops

Spark and Machine Learning workshops day on March 12, at TechHub:

1. 9:00 – 12:30 – Getting started with Spark: intro and hands on session (20 places)

2. 13:00 – 16:30 ML & Spark: MLlib intro and exercises (15 places)

Registration should be made separately for each workshop.

1. Getting started with Spark: intro and hands on session, in the limit of 20 places

Spark is the new trend in big data technologies, offering us an easy API and multiple environments to work with, like Batch, SQL, Graph, Machine Learning and Streaming processing.

The workshop will start with an introduction in Spark and will continue with many Spark examples, including the well known Wordcount example.

You have the option to choose the programming language you are most familiar with, so the examples will be written and explained in Java, Scala and Python (to be confirmed the Java one).

We will try all Spark examples in local mode, so all you need is your own laptop. The major benefit of this is that you can continue learning and try new examples even after the workshop.

Trainer :Tudor Lapusan

Agenda and Sign up for Intro to Spark

2. ML & Spark: MLlib intro and exercises, in the limit of 15 places

Description: Theoretical understanding of various ML algorithms: RandomForest, Clustering.

What you will learn: How to solve ML problems using Spark and MLLib (ml library on top of spark).


Agenda and Sign up for ML & Spark