Introduction to Apache Solr

Introduction to APACHE SOLR workshop

Date: June 30, 2018, 9:30-13:30
Trainers: Radu Gheorghe
Location: eSolutions Academy, Budişteanu Office Building, strada General Constantin Budişteanu Nr. 28C, etaj 1, Sector 1, Bucureşti.
Number of places: 15 10 places left
Price: 150 RON (including VAT)


This workshop addresses anyone interested in Search solutions, the workshop aim is to be a light intro in Search engines and especially Apache Solr. Apache Solr is one of the two main open source search engines existing today and it’s also the base for the search functionalities implemented in several big data platforms ( e.g. Datastax, Cloudera). Thus, understanding Solr will help you not only in working with the Apache version but as well have a starting point in several platforms that use Solr as base for their search functionalities.

In this workshop we will go through the following topics:
– what is a distributed search engine and what kind of use-cases it works for
– Solr and Elasticsearch
– overview of a Solr cluster: nodes, collections, segments, documents
– Lucene’s data structures: index, doc values, stored fields
– running queries and relevancy score
– faceted search
– streaming aggregations

We will discuss them in three ways: a presentation, a demo and a lab.
Labs will work better in groups, so at least one person in the group
should have a working environment. That will basically require Docker
 (on Linux, Windows or OSX) as we will build a container and
work on it.

The price for the workshop is 150 RON (including VAT).

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