Machine Learning + Spark hands on

October 24, 2015 @ techhub_3d_logo_png, FROM 9 TO 13:30
Machine Learning + Spark hands on  – in the limit of 15 seats – No more seats left (if you apply we will keep you in waiting mode for next sessions or in case a new place becomes available for this session)
  • Description: Theoretical understanding of various ML algorithms+ Practical approach
  • What you will learn: How to solve ML problems using python+ sklearn (ml library) or  Java|Scala+Spark+MLLib (ml library on top of spark).
Trainer: Alex Sisu

Big data engineer working at
Interested in machine learning, neural networks and scalability problems.

1. Clustering algorithms
  – k means clustering
  – k nearest neighbor
2. Classification algorithms
– decision tree
– random forest
– bagging
3. Regression Algorithms
– linear regression
4. Neural networks
– classification problems using NN
5. Evaluating the results of a ML model
– different metrics
6. Data pre-processing


document classification, user preferences on shopping items, price forecasting, image recognition
Will be provided during the class: VirtualBox/ Docker
– each user should have a laptop
– Windows|Linux|Mac+Python+SKlearn should be installed, but if not possible the provided virtualbox image can be used.

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