ML on Spark workshop

workshop Machine learning with spark

Workshop date & duration: November 5th – Tuesday, 14:00 – 18:00
Trainer: Sorin Peste
Supporting students: Alexandru Petrescu, Laurentiu Partas
Location: TechHub Bucuresti
Price: Free (upon approval by the organizer & trainer)
Number of places: 20 no more places left
Languages: Python

We are coming back in November with a new workshop on Machine Learning – this time with how to build a model using Spark ML decision trees and gradient boosting.
So, come join us for an afternoon in which we will explore Apache Spark’s Machine Learning capabilities. We’ll be looking at using Spark to build a Credit Scoring model which estimates the probability of default for current and existing customers.


1. Intro, problem description and setup
2. Loading data
3. Exploratory data analysis
4. Feature engineering
5. Building our first model
6. Testing and validation
7. Improving the model with cross-validation and hyper-parameter tuning
8. Deployment
9. Considerations for running in production
Bring your laptop! Beyond that, the only requirement is a web browser.
We will be using a managed Spark platform, called Azure Databricks, for the lab.
We will provide access to Azure Databricks and everything else you need.

If you would like to attend this workshop please complete the form below and read the note regarding the confirmation for participation in this event.

Please note: given the limited number of places and that this will be a free entry event, please answer below questions as well and we will get back to you for confirming your participation in the workshop.