SQL & noSQL: Intro in Cassandra – Sign up

SQL & noSQL: Intro in Cassandra, Impact Hub, 30 JULY, 09:30 – 13:30

Hands on session – in the limit of 15 2 places
Trainers: Felix Crisan, Valentina Crisan
Location: Impact Hub ( http://www.impacthub.ro/ )
In this 4 hours session we will learn about Cassandra concepts and data model and what analytics can be done with it. We will discuss about several noSQL solutions out there, how’s Cassandra differentiated from those and we will work on real data importing data in Cassandra, learning CQL and data modeling rules. We will use docker for local installations of Cassandra.


1. Intro in Cassandra
– SQL & noSQL
– noSQL solutions out there and their role in the Big Data space
– Cassandra concepts in architecture and data modeling
– Cassandra uses cases
– What kind of queries can you perform with Cassandra

2. Hands on – we will use real data in a suite of exercises that will show how Cassandra stores and queries data.

The price for the workshop is 100 RON (without VAT).

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