TechHub – Machine Learning & Spark: MLlib intro and exercises

March 12, 2016 @ techhub_3d_logo_png, FROM 13:00 TO 16:30
ML & Spark: MLlib intro and exercises, in the limit of 15  places – No more seats left (if you apply we will keep you in waiting mode for next sessions or in case a new place becomes available for this session)


  1. Data pre-processing
  2. Clustering algorithms
  3. Classification algorithms: RandomForest, GradientBoostedTrees
  4. Topic analysis (LDA)

Examples:  document classification, user preferences on shopping items, price forecasting.

Prerequisites (knowledge/experience):

  • knowledge of java or scala programming is a must.
  • knowledge of scala/java collections is a must
  • basic programming notions
  • knowledge of spark basics (RDD, map/reduce operators) is a must
  • basic knowledge of maven is a must
  • function Eclipse/Intellij IDE with maven plugin, necessary for importing a maven project
  • basic mathematical skills

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