Workshop: Start learning ML with Sklearn and Google Colab

Workshop date & duration: April 17th, 2021, 9:30 – 14:00, 30 min break included
Trainer: Maria Catana
Location: Online, Zoom
Price: 199 RON (including VAT)
Number of places: 10 4 left
Languages: Python (intro level)

Getting started with Machine Learning has never been this simple – either if you just want to get familiar with some ML algorithms, with the ML process in general or the generic libraries available in order to kick off your own ML project. A combination of Google Colab and sklearn can nowadays start you off without the need of local/cloud installations. All you need is a bit of curiosity to get you started within this path. This workshop addressed the curious ones that would like to ease their way into Machine Learning.

Scikit-learn or sklearn is a Python library (probably the most popular one) that contains many tools for data processing and for creating ML models. This workshop is an introduction to Machine Learning using algorithms from Sklearn library and Google Colab notebooks.

Prerequisites: Python knowledge (entry level) and access to Google Colab (you need a Google account).

Details of the workshop agenda:

  1. Introduction to ML
    • Concepts: supervised and unsupervised learning, classification and regression
    • Steps for creating a ML model
      1. data exploration
      2. data preparation
      3. training the model
      4. and evaluating it
  2. Build ML models using Colab and sklearn
    • Introduction to Colab (magic functions, installing new packages)
    • Overview of datasets and algorithms from sklearn
    • Data representation in sklearn (features and target)
  3. Using sklearn decision trees algorithm to create a classification model
    • We’ll go through all the steps for creating a classification model, first for Iris dataset (included in sklearn), then for a more complex dataset

Requirements for the workshop: in order to access Google Colab you will need a Google Account. At the end of the workshop a Jupyter notebook installation demo will be done by the trainer – but the workshop will be run on Google Colab.

The price for the workshop is 199 RON (including VAT). In order to register for this workshop it is required to complete the registration form and then the payment step.

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